Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bezzant Bloggers Unite

Yes, it's true, I finally have a blog. My brother has been trying to get me to set up one for quite some time, I always protested with the excuse of not knowing what I would write about. That's the beauty of it. Me. It's brilliant. No one knows my likes, my dislikes, the things that make me go weak at the knees, things that drive me absolutely up the wall like I do. I'm excited because this is going to be a way for me and my siblings to connect, despite our vast differences. This is my first post (I guess that's what you computer savvy people call this). My sisters Mica and Aubrie, and my brother Matt, all asked a question and we're all going to answer the three questions. I missed the deadline with my last minute decision to make a blogspot. Next time we decide to do this, I'll have a question too. If you're curious about our different responses check out their blogs.

Matt: "If you could only choose one book, one movie, and one CD for the rest of your life what would they be and why? What do they mean to you?"

The CD I know off the top of my head, so let's start with that one. The Across the Universe Album is the most amazing CD I have ever heard. The movie is quite bizarre, it is based completely on songs by The Beatles. In my opinion this version is better than the original, can I say that?

Like Aubrie, I am going to pick my favorite TV show instead of a movie. 24 is the best show of all times. I am only on season 3, but that is enough to get me addicted. You might be wondering if I would be upset if they didn't air another season this year because of the writer's strike. Honestly, as long as they do season 7 in the next couple of years I'll be fine. (Just so I can have time to catch up).

As for the book, it would have to be twilight. But then there is the dilemma of which book in the series, and I would probably have to say New Moon. Although depressing, it was more intense than the other books. You can call me a nerd for reading them, but I'm not going deny that I'm a sucker for Stephanie Myer's books.

Aubrie: "What are your favorite meals? Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert."

This is my favorite question. It gets me all sorts of excited. You see, Aubrie is the master chef, but I am the master at eating. Crepes are my favorite food, and I will eat them for any meal. Let's count this as breakfast, though. I love them with strawberries, mango, bananas, and whipped cream. (That is the absolute best combination). I also like them with just sugar, or just whipped cream. Last time I ate crepes I ate over 10 and I was still hungry. Mmmm...

Lunch is a toughie. Ok, so that was a lie. I know exactly what my favorite lunch is. Cafe Rio's Pork Salad. You have to squeeze the lime on top, or you don't get the full effect. Ohhh.. and cilantro is a No-No. (That right there will ruin the whole salad). This salad is the most high-cal, high-fat salad you'll ever eat! (And you wonder why it's so delicious...) The problem with this salad is it's too big. It's so good that you want to eat it all, but if you even try you'll get sick. So you bring your leftovers home. You crave it all night, and can't stop thinking about it, so you want to eat it for breakfast the next morning (Yep, I'm guilty), but then you have the ultimate dilemma. You want your pork to be warm, but your salad you want to keep cold. It's just too much effort to separate them. So you either have to suffer with cold meat or warm salad. It's the hardest decision you'll ever have to make. If anyone has found a solution for this, please let me know.

Dinner is a combination of homemade foods and Brazilian grill. I absolutely love my mother's pasta salad. It's the best thing in the world. That added with Tucano's tri-tip sirloin...mmmm. Ok just Tucano's meat in general. I wish I could just replace the whole salad bar with my mom's homemade salads and rolls it'd be a restaurant from heaven.

Dessert. If you know me, you know that it has to consist of ice cream. I eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. A banana split/brownie sundae. That is the ultimate heaven. Brownies, two scoops of vanilla ice cream, and if you happen to find a banana back there, slam dunk it right in the middle. Warm caramel and chocolate topping, whipped cream, sprinkle some nuts on top, and finish it off with a marchino cherry. Now that sounds delicious.

Mica: "If you could do anything for a living without concern for how much it paid or current talent level, what would you do?"

Can I pick more than one thing? I would love to travel the world to different flea markets, with all my findings I would interior design. I love interior design, but I love adding a twist to it. It would be amazing to have different cultural influences in my designing.

Next, I would have my own business of making custom cards. Birthday cards, Christmas cards, the whole shabang. To add to this, however, I would want to be an amazing photographer. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

This is probably the most realistic goal of mine, although many of you will think just the opposite. After I get my RN license, I want to travel to third world countries with other nurses and doctors, taking medical supplies and training them in the medical field. That would be the most amazing experience, and it's my ultimate goal.

When I get older I want to own my own ice cream shop. It'll be when I'm a grandma, and not all trendy, just some old fashioned hard scoop ice cream.

See what I mean by I'm scatterbrained?


aubrie said...

Yay! I love it! So did Matt make you name it the Cheet Scape? It sounds like something he would do. I have to give you props for the "slice it in half and slam dunk it right in the middle" quote. That is a total classic! Sometime you'll have to let me listen to the Across the Universe soundtrack, it sounds interesting.

macbezz said...

I'm insulted by your slamming cilantro.

shanghai by heart said...

you are crazy :)