Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cody and I are engaged!

Well, it finally happened. Cody and I are officially engaged now! For months I've been running this through in my head, imagining the whole scenario. It snuck up on Friday December 19th without me even expecting it.

Thursday Cody texted me while he was at work to ask if I wanted to go ice skating with our friends Hope and Brett up in Salt Lake the next night. Mm.. yeah we could do that I said. Secretly I didn't know how much I wanted to go because the last time I went ice skating turned into a disaster (I'm not too coordinated if you know what I mean). Anyway, Friday rolls around and Cody told me he was going to be able to get off at 5 o'clock from work. He doesn't end up getting home until after 7:00 and he's extremely stressed from getting home so late. The snow was terrible that night and it made me nervous to drive up to Salt Lake in the snow, so I text him while he's at work to ask if he thinks we should still go. I get a reply that he's up in Salt Lake and the weather is fine. I didn't feel good either so I was going to ask if we could just go another day, but I figured Cody really wanted to go because he was being so persistent. I also thought that since Hope had planned this whole date we should go because it's not that often that us girls plan a date.

We started the night off with dinner. We were originally supposed to go to cheesecake factory but I told Cody we should go to Tepanyaki. I was really surprised when it went over so easy. The dinner was great, once we finally got it. We were seated fast, but once seated we waited and waited for our cook to finally come. "Joe" finally came and he had us laughing the whole time. He asked if Cody and I were married but I responded with "No,we're just friends." Poor Cody, he had a look of shock on his face but good thing he knew I was kidding. When it came time for him to throw the shrimp into people's mouths I told him that I couldn't have any because I was allergic. Cody told him, "Yeah, I can't have any either because I wanna kiss her tonight." I then followed with, "Nah, it's ok.. give him some." Haha. For some reason Cody kept looking at his watch and saying how we needed to get going, I had no idea why he was so anxious. :)

We got up to the Salt Lake safely and it was a beautiful night. After such bad weather earlier in the day we couldn't believe that it actually wasn't that cold. (Maybe it's because I had two pairs of knee high socks on, a shirt, sweater, and coat on, gloves, beanie, and thermals under my jeans. Hey, I was prepared for cold weather!) Ice skating was so much fun. That is the first time I've actually been able to do it so I was rather impressed with myself. The whole night Cody had me laughing because he kept on trying to do twirls and race with me. I'm not THAT good of an ice skater though. Brett and Hope had a camera so I kept on having them take pictures of me and Cody. I just wanted one good picture. Brett seemed a little frustrated but I kept on begging for just one more picture. His camera ended up dying before we even finished ice skating... oops my bad! So Brett and Hope bought a disposible camera to take pics with because they knew Cody was going to propose. I kept on raving the whole night about how Hope planned such a good date and how fun it was. (Cody was kinda jealous, since he planned the whole thing I found out later).

Right After he proposed

Ice Skating with Hope and Brett

After we turned in our skates we went outside. Cody said we should go for a walk, but I asked if we should follow Hope and Brett who were ahead of us. He led me away from then and all of a sudden my heart skipped a beat. We continued walking, talking small talk. That's how I knew he was nervous. "Do you like the lights?" He asked. "Yeah I like them, do you like them?" Hahaha it was so funny. Then it started to snow a little bit and he said "That's cute." He pulled me to a bench and we sat down. Cody told me that he had an early Christmas present for me. He pulled out a little red box with a bow on it from his coat pocket and handed it to me. By this time he was on one knee. I just held the box for an awkward minute until he told me to open it. Inside there was a jewelry box and inside that a ring! He asked if I would marry him. I just hugged him and kissed him because I was so excited and happy it took a minute to give my reply that yes, I would marry him!


aubrie said...

Aww...cute. I'm so excited for you too. And you did a much better job telling the story this time than when you first told us. I guess you've gotten a little more practice telling it, huh? :)

beka08 said...

krista that is so cute! I am so happy for you! you deserve the best and I am sure you have found him :) don't forget to send me an invite. love you girl!

Canesa said...

Krista! I saw your blog on Jessica's blog, yahoo! Hope you're having a blast on your honeymoon! I'm linking you to my blog
so we can stay in touch! C-u soon!

Mica said... need to update!